Get Hydrated

Get Hydrated

Taking in an adequate amount of water every day is critical not just for overall health, but for muscle size and strength as well. Here are the facts that prove it.

Regardless of how much you know or don't know about nutrition, it's likely that you know the cardinal rule about water: That you need a lot of it! Our bodies are about 60%-70% water, depending on the individual, and water is critical for numerous processes in the body. Plus, it keeps the muscles full and large by filling the cells; that's what we call cell volumization. In fact, research shows that not drinking enough water can decrease muscle strength and muscle growth. Do I have your attention yet?

One study performed at Old Dominion University tested the one-rep max on the bench press of weight-trained men while they were either normally hydrated or while slightly dehydrated. The researchers reported that when the men were dehydrated, their one-rep max was significantly less than when they were normally hydrated. They also discovered that the leaner the subjects were, the more that dehydration negatively affected their strength.

Since those who train are typically much leaner than the average Joe, this should concern you (I'm assuming most anyone reading this trains regularly), especially when you're in a "get-lean" phase.

Tested and Approved

Another study, this one from the University of Connecticut (UCONN), tested the number of reps weight-trained men could complete during a squat workout that consisted of six sets of squats using 80% of their one-rep maxes (a weight they could complete for about eight...

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