Lean-Up Meal Plan

Lean-Up Meal Plan

Getting shredded requires the right diet. This seven-day meal plan will help you get lean in a hurry.

Looking for some meals to start dropping body fat? Below is a seven-day meal plan based on a training schedule of five workouts per week and two rest days. I put the rest days on Wednesday and Sunday, but feel free to incorporate those on other days if your schedule is different. 

The goal here is to encourage your body to tap into fat stores and burn that fat away. To do that, eat no more that 13 calories per pound of bodyweight per day (2,340 calories for a 180-pound person). Again, since the goal is to lose fat and keep muscle, protein intake must be maintained – keep it above 1 gram per pound of bodyweight daily (over 180 grams per day for the 180-pounder).

Carbohydrates are dropped in these meals to encourage your body to use stored bodyfat as fuel. That said, to avoid being entirely drained, I still recommend eating 0.5-1 gram of carbs per pound per day (90-180 grams).

Healthy fats remain important, as they encourage fat-burning and maintain testosterone levels, so eat about 0.5 grams per pound of bodyweight per day of fat (90 grams or so for a 180-pound person).

If you're currently doing an intermittent fasting regimen, you can still follow this meal plan by simply consuming all of these meals within your 8-hour feeding window (or however long your window is). You can even take Shred JYM, my fat-burning supplement, during fasting periods.

Monday (Workout Day)

Wake Up Supplements (take immediately upon waking)

1 dose Shred JYM

(Product contains all of the following ingredients at specific doses)

Breakfast (30-60 min after wake-up supplements)

2 large whole eggs

3 large egg whites

1 cup oatmeal

1 scoop Pro JYM

4 capsules Omega JYM fish oil

Morning Snack

8 oz. reduced fat (2%) Greek yogurt

1 scoop Pro JYM

Fat-Burning Supplements

1 dose Shred JYM


1 can white tuna in water

1 tbsp light mayonnaise

1 large whole-wheat pita pocket

½ cup lettuce


1 medium banana

1 scoop Pro JYM

1 scoop Pre JYM

(Pre JYM contains all of the following ingredients at specific doses)


2 scoops Pro JYM

1 scoop Post JYM Fast Carbs/Dextrose, 14 Small Wonka Pixy Stix, 1 Giant Pixy Stix or 20 oz. sports drink (ie, Gatorade)

1 scoop Post JYM Active Matrix

(Post JYM Active Matrix contains all of the below recommended ingredients at the specific doses)


9 oz. tilapia

20 asparagus spears

2 cups green salad

1 tbsp oil/vinegar dressing

1 dose Vita JYM multivitamin

Nighttime Supplements (Take 1 hour before bedtime snack)

1 dose ZMA JYM (females take 2/3 dose)

Bedtime Snack

1 cup low-fat (1%) cottage cheese

2 tbsp salsa

Daily Totals:

2,259 calories

261 grams protein

174 grams...

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