Reach new heights this summer and into the fall with an 8-week challenge that incorporates two of my favorite workout plans done back-to-back: Power Pyramid and Jim’s Giant Program. Outdo all other members in the contest and you’ll win an all-expenses-paid trip to sunny Southern California!

The No Limits Challenge represents an insanely effective training combo that will maximize muscle-building, strength gains, and fat-burning in two distinct phases:

#1 You’ll focus on size and strength in the first half of the challenge with the Power Pyramid’s ascending/descending rep scheme, following a four-days-a-week training split. And then…

#2 You’ll bump up volume to six training days per week, hitting all muscle groups twice weekly with expertly designed giant sets – hence the name Giant Program – that will further enhance lean muscle gains while taking fat loss to another level. With these intense yet efficient workouts, you’ll be as shredded as possible by the end of the eighth and final week of the challenge.

Don’t put limits on how much progress you can make in your fitness goals and in your life – take on the No Limits Challenge in 2017!


Learn more about the programs you’ll be following during the No Limits Challenge with these links:

Power Pyramid Program Jim’s Giant Program


I will be selecting one male and one female winner for the Grand Prize. Each individual will receive the following:

An all-expenses-paid trip to california

To meet me and the JYM team and train at The JYM.


(1 Pre JYM, 1 Post JYM, 1 Pro JYM)


To take back home with you.


Two more individuals (one male, one female) will be named “runners-up” and will each receive a free JYM System and free JYM gear.

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