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Stack confusion!

Hey Dr. S!

It’s Raj again, I hope I’m not getting too annoying with all of my questions! I recently got a new shipment from with a lot of the goodies that you mentioned you use. I am 23 currently bulking at 200 lb at 14-16% body fat and trying to get way up there to a lbm of 190-200+. Anyways I a bit confused about timings and quantity with regard to all the new supps, and am worried that I am not getting optimal absorption. The following  will be a breakdown of what I’m using.

Upon arising 
Empty stomach:  
Forskolin- 10mg
L-carnitine – 2g

15-30 mins later 
Whey- 40g
Sugar- 30g
D-aspartic- 3g
Ashwagandha – 4g
Dhea – 100mg

Pre-workout ( confused about when to take 1mr with all the other stuff)
1 hr before gym (shake)
Whey 20g
Fat free milk – cup
Blueberries – .5 cup 
Oatmeal uncooked – .5 cup
BCAA – 10g
Centrum multivit- 1 cap

30 mins before
1MR – 1 scoop
Citrulline malate – 4g
Nac – 1g
Creatine mono – 5g
Beta-alanine – 2g
Horny goat weed – 750mg

Post workout witin 30 mins
Whey – 40g
Fat free milk – cup
Sugar – 60-100 g(carbs)
Beta-alanine- 2g
Creatine mono -5g
BCAA – 10g 
Citrulline malate- 2g

Night supps
1 hr before bed
Melatonin 3-6g
Zma – 1 dose
GABA – 2-4g

0 mins before bed
Whey- 20g
Whole milk – 2-3 cups 

I feel that my preworkout shake is too close to 1mr serving. Secondly, not sure when to take  pregnenolone (is it safe to have when taking dhea)and rhodiola (500 mg). Lastly, where do you think GABA will fit when taking it for pre-workout.

Thanks for your time, help, and all your knowledge!!!! Am seeing amazing gains due to all your help!

Hey Raj – glad to hear you are seeing great results. Keep up the great work.

Take pregnenolone with the DHEA.

Take L-carnitine in the morning WITH your shake and sugar. It needs insulin to get absorbed. Also consider take it WITH your preworkout whey and carbs. And also consider taking another dose of L-carnitine with your post workout shake and nighttime shake.

Swap you 1 MR to about 45 minutes before workouts along with forskolin and horny goat weed. Then take your whey and carbs and EVERYTHING else for preworkout about 15 minutes before the workout.

Your good to go taking GABA an hour before bed with the ZMA and melatonin.

Nice job!