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Cycle Test Boosters

I really liked the article “Jim Favorite Test Boosters!”. But I got a question: I need to cycle some of the recommended supplements? Or I can use them continuously?


Breno – Most of them you can definitely take continuously. The first 4 – D-asp, Ashwaganda, fenugreek, and forskolin, you might consider cycling by taking for 8-12 weeks and then taking 3-4 weeks off before going back on. The reason for this is that when testosterone levels rise sharply, it causes a negative feedback loop and actually causes the production of testosterone to decrease. That is what happens when athletes take anabolic steroids. It shuts down their own production of testosterone. Some supplement manufacturers suggest cycling natural test boosters do that you don’t get a shutting down of testosterone. However, I am not convinced that testosterone levels rise high enough from natural testosterone boosters to cause this negative feedback loop. Sure, these ingredients raise your test levels naturally, but they don’t raise beyond normal physiological levels. So I typically take them continuously.