Muscle Menu: Cilantro and Mint Marinade

Muscle Menu: Cilantro and Mint Marinade
Flavor your chicken or fish with this delicious, clean, easy-to-make marinade.

By Seth Santoro

Cooking chicken or fish again for dinner? Sounds good, since both are great sources of protein for building muscle and strength and staying lean.

Fortunately, another chicken/fish night at your home doesn't have to be the same old-same old – just try a different marinade and the meal will taste completely new and completely delicious as well.

That's what I've concocted here: a cilantro and mint marinade that can go with the chicken or fish you've eaten many times over. With a diverse combination of flavors (garlic, green onions, fresh pepper, plus a few others, in addition to the cilantro and mint), this definitely won't taste like the same old meal. And it also won't wreck your diet. It's a very...

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