Supplement Breakdown: Quercetin For More Testosterone

Supplement Breakdown: Quercetin For More Testosterone
Quercetin is one of the best natural testosterone boosters you can find. Here are the facts on this potent antioxidant.

One of the key role players in my popular testosterone-booster Alpha JYM is the powerful antioxidant/flavonoid quercetin.

Quercetin is found in many food sources, such as onions, apples, tea, broccoli, citrus fruits, grapes and even capers. It's been found to help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers, and recent research has also shown that quercetin can help you avoid catching the flu as well as boost blood flow to muscles.

Research even suggests that quercetin can increase endurance during exercise. In one study, University of South Carolina (Columbia) researchers reported that the endurance benefit stems from quercetin's ability to increase mitochondrial biogenesis. That simply means it can boost the number of mitochondria in cells in such areas as muscles and the brain. The mitochondria are basically our body's mini power plants; they work in all kinds of cells to produce energy. Increasing their numbers via quercetin may not only help you run longer and get more reps with a given weight in the gym, but it may also enhance brain function.

More recent research on quercetin suggests that this powerhouse can also help to maintain higher testosterone levels, which is the main reason it's contained in Alpha JYM.

Allow me to get a bit scientific here. In the body, an enzyme called UGT2B17 converts testosterone into a molecule known as testosterone glucuronide. Once testosterone is converted into testosterone glucuronide, it's excreted from the body by the kidneys. In other words, you piss out your testosterone. This lowers your testosterone level, which is not a good thing if you're trying to maximize muscle size and strength while also minimizing body fat. It's also not great if your sex drive is something you care about.

Kingston University (London) researchers showed with in vitro (outside of the body) studies that red wine (independent of the alcohol content) inhibited UGT2B17's ability to convert testosterone into testosterone glucuronide. When they tested specific components in red wine for this ability, they reported that quercetin supplied the greatest inhibition of the UGT2B17 enzyme.

Jim's Take-Home Point:

Although the researchers didn't measure testosterone levels in subjects drinking red wine or taking quercetin supplements, the fact that red wine and quercetin were shown to significantly inhibit the UGT2B17 enzyme is a very promising way to keep your testosterone levels maximized. And since quercetin provides a host of other benefits, it's not a bad idea to supplement with it. My recommendation is to take 250 mg of quercetin twice a day with meals – or, you can just take Alpha JYM, which provides it in this exact dose. 

Quercetin can help you avoid getting sick, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, boost your muscle endurance, enhance brain function, and keep your testosterone levels maximized, which can help you build more muscle and strength, lose more body fat and have a greater sex drive. Sounds like a supplement worth taking, huh?!



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