Full-Body 5-System Workout

Full-Body 5-System Workout
This 5-day full-body program employs my popular 5-System style of training to build muscle and strength and torch body fat.

I recently introduced you to a training concept I created called the 5-System, which I explained in detail in this article and accompanying video.

After you read that article and watch the video, it's time to put the 5-System into action.

Below, I'm giving you five different full-body workouts using the 5-System. I recently posted these workouts on social media, but having them on JimStoppani.com will allow you to download them to your moblie device to put them into action most effectively.

Each of the five workouts focuses on a different piece of equipment: dumbbells on Day 1, cables on Day 2, barbells on Day 3, machines on Day 4, and dumbbells again on Day 5 (but with different exercises).

These are workouts that I actually did, and I did them on five consecutive days – at which point I took a couple days off from the weights to rest and recover before starting my next week of training. If you're currently in good lifting shape, feel free to do these workouts on consecutive days as well. But you can also insert rest days between the workouts if you like; for example, you can do the Day 1 and Day 2 workouts on Monday and Tuesday, then rest a day, and do Day 3 on Thursday; or you can take a day of rest between all five workouts. How you do it depends on your schedule, your current fitness level, and your ability to recover.

Okay, enough talk. It's time for action. Here's the 5-System full-body program...

5-System Workouts

As a refresher, here’s how to do each 5-System set:

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