On the Road Band Workout

On the Road Band Workout
On a business trip or vacation with no gym in sight? No problem. Get a great workout wherever you happen to be with JYM Strength Bands and this upper body-focused circuit.

I travel with my JYM Strength Bands all over the world. Due to my recognition as one of the most academically awarded and renowned experts in the world on training, nutrition and supplements, I’m frequently on the road doing seminars, giving speeches and, from time to time, vacationing.

In fact, I'm currently writing this from Ubon Rathachani, Thailand, which is far off the beaten path from more popular Thai tourist destinations like Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. As you can imagine, it's not easy finding a proper gym out here, so I rely on JYM Strength Bands as my personal gym at times like these.

But this is not to say that I'm making a sacrifice by using only bands. Quite the contrary, actually. Bands provide a unique type of resistance not possible with free weights: linear variable resistance, which in simple terms means the more you pull the bands, the more resistance they provide.

What isn't simple are the results you can achieve. Linear variable resistance with bands can increase power and strength, as well as improve muscle growth and even fat loss. Plus, the unique way in which it causes the muscle fibers to work can help you blast through ruts and prevent stagnation in gains in strength and size. In fact, research proves that adding bands to a strength-training program with free weights increases gains in strength and muscle mass better than free weights alone. 

A couple other benefits worth mentioning: convenience and practicality. The bands are so light that I can bring them in my suitcase or carry-on luggage and have over 400 pounds of resistance at my hands (and feet) with very little space taken up...

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