Everyone envies a great set of guns. Muscular, defined arms are the ultimate sign of strength, fitness and a serious commitment to training. You can’t have a sick physique without sick arms – plain and simple.

Want a pair of your own? Then gear-up for my 6-week Sick Arms Challenge starting on March 16th. I provide the guns-focused training program (which hits all other major muscle groups as well), mass-gaining diet and full supplement regimen. All you have to do is follow the plan to a T.

As with all of my challenges, two lucky winners (one male, one female) will be awarded a host of great prizes. Those who produce the best gains in size, definition and overall muscularity to their biceps and triceps – as determined by me and my JYM Supplement Science team – will get a home gym of their very own along with free JYM supplements, gear, and a lifetime membership to

What You Need to Know to Get Started

Official Registration for the Sick Arms Challenge begins Wednesday, March 16th

You must upload a “before” photo of yourself that clearly shows one or both arms flexed sometime between March 16th and April 1, 2016. (Include a newspaper in the photo for verification.)

Take weekly progress photos in the same position as the before shot, then take one last photo when you complete the program.

*Before and after photos are required to be eligible to win the Sick Arms Challenge.


I will be selecting one male and one female winner for the Grand Prize. Each individual will receive the following:



One Male and One Female will be named “runner-up” and will receive a free JYM System and free JYM gear.

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