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REAL transformations from REAL people using my world-renowned training, nutrition and supplementation programs!

Show me and the JYM Army your personal transformation by submitting it here. Fitness doesn't have to be an individual endeavor – in fact, you'll most likely experience better long term results as part of a community of like-minded people all striving for similar goals.

Join the JYM Army Facebook group for an ongoing dialogue of helpful tips and instruction regarding featured JimStoppani.com training programs, meal plans and supplement regimens. Anyone with a passion for fitness and a positive attitude is welcome to join. Ladies, for more gender-specific discussions also consider joining the JYM Girls Facebook group.

My goal is to keep you inspired and motivated to continue your journey, because fitness is a lifestyle, not a 12-week project. I share this goal with the entire JYM Army.

Feel free to browse the transformations by program. Then, if you’re motivated enough, you can start a workout routine yourself and become an active participant in the JYM Army!

Whatever your fitness level, it doesn’t matter. Beginner, intermediate, advanced, seasoned athlete – my programs are suitable for anyone willing to put in the work. work.

Your transformation could be right around the corner – get started now!

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