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Brandon Snow

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The dedication in the gym is everything to me anymore. Learning full body workouts has changed my life around. I started around 231 lbs back in may of 2017. I was slowly getting depressed as I seen my self slipping away. The Love for beer/soda and all the junk food and fast food it just was getting to be to much. I slowly started looking into workouts and supplements, not knowin much about them, but figured I’d give them a try. So My second month I found Jim Stoppani and was Hooked from there. See before all this I did a big turn around and lost 20 lbs in 2016 probably was like 195 lbs afterwards, so was around 215 then. But then I got a new job later down the road And i lost the time to really focus on the workouts I use to do. As a kid I’ve always been chubby, Never could lose weight easily and probably found excusses along the way. I Grew up with asthma but thankfully I grew out of that long time ago. In 2010 I broke my shoulder doing bmx and my surgern told me my left arm/ shoulder would not be as strong as it was, that I might only have 65% of my strength when done. so this was a struggle with weight lifting growing up. But when I got a new job title in 2017 and all I did was sit on a forklift I started to gain all the weight on, it hurt me bad. I would look in the mirror at night and just hang my head slowly depressed of how I was treating myself, knowing your letting yourself go and all that hard work has been thrown away. People at my job would be joking but that gave me the nickname pork chop and it got to me after awhile and I said enough is enough I looked in the mirror one night and told myself I don’t care how far you have to go! how bad you have to be sore the next day, were getting this weight off. I just wanted to get back to we’re i was in 2016 never intended to go this far but I’m so much happier on reason is my shoulder is so much stronger I regained so much strength. So as of 5/2/18 I’m 167 lbs losing 64 lbs of just pure body fat. If I wouldn’t of found Jim and the jym army I would not have these exact results. I’m proud to be apart of a big family and Be jym strong. I will always look back at my old photos to remind myself what i have accomplished! It’s not easy, it takes time and dedication. you won’t see results over night, but by trusting the process and following Jim and the group you will succeed. At the age of 23 I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, slimmer now tone more energy and I just feel great everyday. I will never give up on jym cause this is were my journey began!

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