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The journey continues... At 43 I decided I wanted to be around with my family as long as I possibly could be, and do everything in my power here on Earth to help that become a reality. A doctor's appointment and some bad lab results were a catalyst. I had a choice, medicine or lifestyle change. I chose the latter. Almost 2 years (and a new baby) later, and I have officially embraced the grind. I have gone from 4x the avg risk for heart attack to 1/2 the average risk. I love the new lifestyle and the changes coming with it. I appreciate being part of the JYM ARMY, and look forward to seeing and sharing with others along the way. It is so inspiring looking at the changes physically, and reading the stories of how lives have improved. Best of luck to all of you and please feel free to share any tips, critiques (respectfully please) or ideas. I truly believe the support system is critical on these journeys we are on, and I will support each and every one of you!!! Now- back to the grind!! 💪💪👊👊

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Fitness is a lifestyle, not a 12 week project!

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