Daniel Rodriguez

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Jim Stoppani is a guy who knows exactly what he is doing. I did his shortcut to size program twice and then hit shortcut to shred for 2 rounds and next thing you know I dropped 10lbs down to 10% body fat! If you want to get shredded this is definitely the program for you! I did this low carb under 50 grams a day with the exception of a high carb refeed day once a week. After about 3 weeks the results were quite noticeable; I saw weight loss in areas such as my face, chest and arms in such a short period of time. Do the cardio acceleration!! I supplemented the skipping for jumprope and a couple others for high knees, burpess, anything that keeps you pushing for that full minute. Cardio acceleration is a must don't give up! Ofcourse there were times where I was drained and felt like I couldnt push through but overtime it just got soo much easier to the point where I finish my workouts with soo much ease. If you are not a big fan of running like I am and are looking to increase your stamina as well as endurance and watch it sky rocket, shortcut to shred is the program for you! Id just like to thank God for allowing me to do my first successful cut. Its been 11 weeks and never have I recieved such a transformation from 160lbs to 150lbs. In all honesty, it all started when I started to acknowledge God as my true source of strength. Once I did that, praying everyday before my workout session that He will provide me the energy as well as motivation to push me to my limit was the key. Let this be a testimony that God is sovereign.


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