Hussein Edrees

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first of all I would like to thank you a lot doctor JYM , it was an incredible journey to my transformation using ur's (programs & workouts & information) , special thanks for the unlimited information and knowledge that u share with us , thanks to your methods I am in different place and state of mind right now it's really amazing the confidence and motivation that we can get from applying all your work and getting such great results & transformation , it boost my desire and well in more goals & success to come and to work for it , looking ahead to do Down&up Mass and gaining some good muscle mass. and of course as usual stay #JYMARMY strong and motivated :) PS: all the progress in the program was using only (pre & post) workouts from JYM supplements line sadly , because the lack of GNC stories in Egypt , and its to expensive and hard to bring it here because of the customs high payments , managed to get them throw my friend who was coming back from USA :D , hope to see this problem fixed soon in Egypt :)


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