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Constantine Giannakis

This paramedic got laser-focused on training, eating, and supplementing properly and realized great physique and health results.

Constantine Giannakis

Written by Constantine Giannakis

My name is Constantine Giannakis, but I go by "Dean Geo" for short. I am 27 and living in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

After getting out of the military, going to college, and ultimately going to paramedic school, I gained an incredible amount of weight. To make matters worse, I got sucked into the workaholic subculture of EMS (Emergency Medical Services). It wasn't uncommon to work up to 60-hour shifts at a time, living on gas-station food, and sleeping wherever and whenever the opportunity presented itself.

At my worst, I was about 190 pounds with a body-fat percentage somewhere in the 30s. I drew a line in the sand and told myself it was now or never.

I stopped working so much overtime and made my health a priority. I quit smoking and started countless hours of reading and research on Jim Stoppani's studies and tips. I came out swinging with intermittent fasting, and I'd break my fast with Pre JYM, Shred JYM, and Alpha JYM. On the way to the gym, I'd have one scoop of Pro JYM with an apple.

My workouts consisted of supersets, extended sets, and going to failure with cardioacceleration between each set. For...

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