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Eric Aumand

A devastating car accident didn't stop this JYM Army member from taking control of his body and his life.

Eric Aumand

Written by Eric Aumand

My story begins in 2012: I was a victim of a traffic accident between a driver texting at the wheel and a double-trailer truck which sent my car airborne, flipping several times in the air before crashing down on the highway. The car continued to roll, landing hard on the roof until my car finally came to a stop on its roof, crushing my spine like an accordion. I spent a lot of time on my back following that accident and I gained so much weight from inactivity that it has been a nightmare and a struggle ever since.

I really wanted to get back into shape and rehabilitate my body due to chronic back pain as a result of the accident, which I've been doing ever since. When I started my fitness journey, I just wanted to do that – get back into shape. What happened next was unexpected: I found a family and a community of people who believe in Jim Stoppani as I do and who have helped push my journey beyond what I initially set out to do. 

I’ve lost well over 30 pounds of fat since the beginning of my fitness journey, 20 pounds of it during the Holiday Shred Challenge (which was only six weeks long!) by following the program and nutritional guidelines to a T. I put on a few pounds of lean muscle – not sure how much, but I can say I put on one inch on my biceps alone in the six weeks of the challenge. I went down several sizes around my waist and I now sport a 32-inch waist and have to wear a belt! My transformation took six weeks from the “before” to the “after” photos.  

The results shown are from the Holiday Shred Challenge, which was the HIIT 100 program. I should note that prior to this challenge, I was following my first Jim Stoppani program, Shortcut to Size, and had completed 10 of the 12 weeks before hopping onto the Holiday Challenge! So when you look at the “before” photo, take into consideration that I had already lost a ton of weight and started getting some lean muscle. I was really in the worst shape of my life before I started doing Jim’s programs.

Since I started the HIIT 100 program, I've been following Jim’s Dieting 101 guidelines and I continue to see results every week. The more I lose, the less it becomes...

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