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Matt Dodge

A career in the military is this young man's dream – and he's doing everything he can in terms of training and nutrition to achieve it.

Matt Dodge

Written by Matt Dodge

My fitness journey began in July 2015 after graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. I decided I wanted to join the military for a career. I knew I was overweight, but I thought I was in shape because I would go to the campus rec center and lift weights. Little did I know…

When I met with the recruiter, he asked me to step on the scale — I weighed 250 pounds! He looked at me and said, "You're going to have to lose a lot of weight." It was at that moment that I started researching workouts, training plans, diet tips, etc. I found something that worked, but in early 2016, I hit a plateau and started going backwards.

That's when I came across Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Shred program. I decided to give it a shot in February of that year. Six weeks later, I felt invincible, but I still was not where I needed to be.

I started researching articles and videos by Jim for different exercises for muscle groups and...

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