Full-Body Training For Full Fat Loss

Full-Body Training For Full Fat Loss

Maximize fat-burning while also possibly getting a boost in strength and size by rethinking your training split.

It's a "split decision" every muscle-minded guy and girl has to take into consideration: Should I do full-body workouts or split up my training and work only 1-3 muscle groups at a time?

If you've followed my Daily Grind program, you know just how beneficial full-body split training can be for fat loss while simultaneously building muscle mass. And science concurs – a recent study from New Zealand shows just how much more effective full-body split training can be for fat loss, and potentially muscle gains, as compared to a split-training routine.

The researchers had weight-trained New Zealand male rugby union players follow either a full-body training split done three times per week or a three-day training split (where the full body is trained over the course of three workouts). Both workouts were done three times a week for four weeks total, and the same total volume on all exercises was performed each week. The exercises performed were squats, leg curls, leg press, bench press, bent-over rows, lat pulldowns, shoulder press, biceps curls and calf raises.

The researchers reported in a 2016 issue of the journal Biology of Sport that the full-body workouts burned significantly more body fat (subjects had a 6% drop in body fat) than the split-body workouts (subjects only had a 2% drop in body...

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