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In the fitness world, body recomposition—building muscle while simultaneously losing fat—is often regarded as a myth. But what if I told you that with the right combination of training methods, you too can realize what many consider to be impossible… Get bigger. Get stronger. Get leaner — all at the same time.

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If You’re Ready to Completely Transform Yourself, Super Shredded 8 Will Give You Exactly What You’re Looking For...

In the fitness world, body recomposition—building muscle while simultaneously losing fat—is often regarded as a myth. But what if I told you that with the right combination of training methods, you too can realize what many consider to be impossible… Get bigger. Get stronger. Get leaner — all at the same time.

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Program Overview – The Methods to the Madness

Any one of the methods used in this 8 week program would give you amazing results on their own.

Here, I’ve combined them for an all-out assault that makes for one of the most comprehensive programs ever designed.

Changes in variables like intensity, rep ranges, and rest times will keep your muscles guessing and growing—while torching fat—throughout the entire program.


In this program, you’ll be performing compound sets—also called “supersets”—blasting each muscle group for maximum results.

High-weight, low-rep multi-joint movements and light-weight, high-rep isolation exercises combine to recruit more muscle fibers and boost fat burning—during and after the workout is long over.

Linear Periodization/Reverse Linear Periodization

Periodization is change in the weight and rep scheme of your program over time. When the weight increases, it’s known as “linear periodization”; when it decreases, it’s called “reverse linear periodization”.

In Super Shredded 8, you’ll be doing both. As weeks progress, weight used on heavy lifts increases for greater strength and mass gains, while weight used for high-rep exercises decreases and reps increase—for even more muscle hypertrophy and fat loss.

HIIT Tabatas

Studies show when it comes to fat loss, classic cardio just doesn’t cut it.

Here I’ve added high-intensity interval training in the form of tabatas—4-minute rounds of alternating exertion and rest cycles—built right into the program itself.

This superior cardio scheme, intertwined with your weight training, significantly enhances fat loss and recovery—during and after your workouts.

Super Shredded 8 Testimonials

Steve_flintoff Steve Flintoff

These are my results from last years summer shred challenge after finishing SS8. My results were achieved in just 8 weeks. If you want that beach body and to turn heads when you take your shirt off, this is the program that'll do just that, all you have to do is commit.

Hannah_ferguson Hannah Ferguson

After finding Jim and his programs that were available to achieve my desired results. Love setting new goals and seeing what I can achieve through fitness.

Brian Brian Heckathorn

I ran SS8 last summer when I wanted to lean down hard after a bulking phase. The intensity of those workouts were unmatched, and the results spoke for themselves.


A proper diet is key to getting the results you want—especially when you’re training as intensely as you will be with Super Shredded 8.

Don’t fall for one-size-fits-all diet plans! The best diet is one that fits not only your needs, but also your program’s demands.

Dieting 101 – The Best Nutritional Foundation for Training

Knowing how much of what you should eat can be a challenge. Learn the principles laid out in my Dieting 101 and Muscle Building Nutrition Rules, which are designed to help you tailor your diet specifically to your needs and the way your body responds to nutrition.

Follow my proven recommendations for protein and fat to keep your muscles fueled and growing, and your body’s processes functioning optimally. With those taken care of, you’ll turn your attention to carbs—and the phases of my Super Shredded 8 Diet.

Set Your Own Pace with the Phases of the SS8 Diet

To avoid fat loss plateaus, changes have to be made. I provide you with 7 dieting phases, where you choose your starting point and you decide when it’s time to move from one phase to the next.

Phase 1 of the SS8 diet starts at 1.5g of carbs per pound of body weight. Each phase lowers the carb target by 0.25g/lbs, until you reach 0.25g/lbs total in Phase 6.

In Phase 7, the target stays the same but you’ll implement my Intermittent Fasting Diet as well.

Don’t worry though, you won’t see each phase of this plan—if you continue losing fat, you could even complete the entire 8-week program in a single phase.



Nutrition is key to success—and for optimal results, that includes supplementing to pick up where even the healthiest diet leaves off.

Pre JYM and Post JYM Active Matrix

The nutrients in your diet are crucial to progress and overall health, but some are hard to come by in the right amounts—especially where pre-workout and post-workout nutrition are concerned.

The ingredients in Pre JYM and Post JYM Active Matrix work together to provide a full training day’s supply of key nutrients that are in short supply if relying on diet alone.

Proven ingredients at clinical dosages are included in this powerful one-two punch to boost your strength, endurance, performance, recovery, and—most importantly—your results.


Protein is essential to your diet, especially when training. But there are times when the kind of protein you get is even more important.

he blend of proteins in Pro JYM works to not only trigger muscle protein synthesis—the muscle-building process—but does so better than any other protein source, and for twice as long as whey protein alone.

The JYM Supplements Support Stack

Training this intensely will push your body to its limits, taxing its supply of key vitamins and minerals that keep your body running smoothly.

Anyone who trains hard should ensure their body has everything it needs by using my daily multivitamin, Vita JYM, my zinc and magnesium supplement ZMA JYM, and the only properly formulated fish oil on the market, Omega JYM.


What Are You Waiting For? Your Transformation is Only 8 Weeks Away...

Body recomposition is no myth. With the right program and nutrition, a complete self-transformation can be yours. By using this combination of training techniques you’ll turn your body into a muscle-building and fat-burning machine that will leave you looking more shredded in just 8 weeks. The results so many others have gotten with this program speak for themselves. So what are you waiting for?

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