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Using the Exercise Database

From Desktop/Laptop

To find a complete list of Exercises detailed on the site when viewed from a desktop or laptop PC, click Workouts in the navbar at the top of the page and select Exercises. This will lead to the Exercise Database, a searchable list of nearly 1500 Exercises. The Exercise Database features a Search Bar (1), as well as options to filter results by Muscle Group (2) and Equipment (3). Each Exercise can be selected, leading to the instruction page for that particular Exercise.

On a Mobile Browser

To view the Exercise Database from a mobile browser, tap the Hamburger Icon at the top of the page to pull up the navbar. Select Workouts, and then choose Exercises from the dropdown menu. The Exercise Database when viewed from a mobile browser operates in exactly the same fashion described for desktop access above.

Using the App

To access the Exercise Database from the Jim Stoppani app, tap Exercises (1) in the navbar at the bottom of the screen. Here the Exercises are divided by Muscle Group (2) categories, or you can select All from the list. Both the Category and View All pages feature a Search Bar (3) which can be used to locate specific Exercises. As with the desktop and mobile versions of the Exercise Database each Exercise can be selected, leading to that Exercise’s instruction page.