“Who Knew I Would Fall In Love With Barbells At My Age?”


When menopause and weight gain hit out of nowhere in her late 40s, Debbie Stevens decided to take action


The Beginning

I never really was an active athlete or in great physical shape. I will say that I’d been genetically blessed, and I’d always just been a generic, relatively healthy person. In fact, I was so generic—I guess you could say—I pretty much did whatever I wanted to.

I ate whatever I wanted—no problems. Great metabolism, great health, got married at 25, had a beautiful life, two beautiful boys, and even had a small stint in modeling post-children. So life was pretty good for a long, long time.


Life Finally Started To Catch Up With Me

I started to notice some weight gain in my late 30s, early 40s, but I didn’t think anything of it. Again, no physical activity in my life, not very health-conscious. But when I was in my mid-40s, my boys grew up, and I hit menopause—and menopause hit me really hard.

By the time I was about 48 years old, I was about 15 to 20 pounds too heavy, and you could see it. I went to my doctor, and I was shocked when he told me that if I didn't get my cholesterol in check, I would be on meds. “You are a walking time bomb.” I cleaned up my diet and started hitting cardio and Tabata classes and light weights. I felt incredible and my energy went through the roof. Needless to say, my doctor was pretty proud of my progress. At 52, I hit a plateau.


My Meandering Only Got Me So Far

My workouts were becoming stagnant, I wasn’t seeing much progress, and I just felt a need to take things to another level. My son said to me, “Mom, this is your time. This is your chapter. You need to rewrite it—you need to write a new chapter for your life. You need to take care of you.” He suggested I check out Jim Stoppani and the JYM Army on Facebook. And so it began.

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JYM Supplements And Dr. Stoppani’s Dieting 101 Struck The Perfect Balance

People ask me all the time, “How did you do this? I call it harmony. It’s gotta be everything. It’s gotta be the diet. It’s gotta be your willingness to make a difference and a change in your own life. The biggest key to my success—when you have your diet and your supplements and your workouts all in harmony—it equals success. I had tried other supplements in the past, but I had significant results with JYM like no other.


JimStoppani.com Helped Me Discover A Life I Couldn’t Have Imagined

Having my son be proud of me for achieving goals I never thought possible— he was the spark that started my journey to begin with—that kind of brought everything full-circle for me. I never would have imagined myself entering a competition—at 53!—but with my son’s encouragement and the support of the JYM Army, I gave it my all. And for me, personally, the stage is my trophy. I wasn’t out there to win it. My journey is my win. I hope that my story can help inspire others to believe that nothing is impossible. If you believe you can, you will. Don’t let age define who you are! It really is just a number. It’s never too late to start your journey. Jim Stoppani has all the tools you need and an amazing Army to help you reach your goals!! Go get yours!

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