“I Was Just Tired Of Being Tired…”


From depression and post-pregnancy weight gain to extreme weight loss that left her sick and frail, Lesly Donahoe battled a host of health issues—and won.


I Went From Overeating To Starving Myself

My childhood was full of challenges, constantly moving and changing schools my entire life. Mentally, it took a toll, which left me riddled with anxiety and depression. By age 20, I was pregnant with my first son and had gained 60 lbs. Two years later, I had a daughter; 13 months later, another son. My body hadn’t recovered from those pregnancies and with my newfound little family and all the stress that comes with, I began eating constantly. By age 33 I was my heaviest at 190 lbs. I was miserable, and very depressed.

I was 190 lbs, divorced, raising three kids on my own, and had no clue how to even begin to lose the weight. I had heard of low carbs and decided to try it. I had no idea what a macro was, I just knew to eat meat—that’s as far as my knowledge went. Smoking heavily, no exercise, I lost 60 lbs in five months.


The Wrong Approach Left Me Sick And Frail

At first, I felt good about myself, but the more I lost the worse I felt, absolutely worse than I did before I lost the weight, mentally and physically. I was extremely thin, had dark circles under my eyes, never slept. I looked weak, sick, and frail. This caused a whirlwind of health issues. I was diagnosed with the Graves’ disease, extremely high cholesterol, and poor circulation on my right side. I lived like this for a while, getting worse by the year.

When I was 27, my dad had died of a massive heart attack. Even though he was 49 he looked like he was in his 70s. He was so unhealthy. At age 42, I was thinking about how I was heading in the same direction. I was just tired of being tired, just existing, miserable daily both mentally and physically. I didn’t want to end up like him.


I Thought My Age Was A Limitation

I had no clue where to start. I couldn’t afford a trainer so I decided to just walk on the treadmill. After six months I decided I was done with smoking and was going to give getting healthy a shot the best I knew how.

When I first started, I was embarrassed to tell people that I was exercising. When I did tell my son he mentioned Jim Stoppani, whose programs he was doing. At the time I thought that anybody that worked out was young—old people didn’t work out, old people walked.

I eventually walked back to the weight room after getting tired of only cardio and started asking my son questions. He told me, “Mom, I’m telling you, if you do this program, you’ll love it.” When I first looked Jim up and found out he was only two years older than me I realized he’s not so young either. So I finally decided I’d start and I did Shortcut to Shred.

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With The Right Diet, Training, And Supplements I’m Healthier Than Ever

My Graves’ disease went into full remission, and even though that led to hyperthyroidism I still take no medications and my thyroid levels have stayed in check. No depression, no anxiety, and my cholesterol has improved. All of my circulation problems are non-existent.

Never would I have imagined I could have muscles, and look healthy and fit, not just changing my insides or my physique but my skin, my hair— I feel so incredibly happy, and nowhere near my age. I’m so very grateful I found something that worked the first time instead of possibly going through program after program and just giving up.


Thanks To My Transformation, My Future Is Full Of Hope

Now, I can look at my grandbabies and say “Do as I do”. I look forward to watching them grow up. I don’t have to worry about whether I’m going to be like my dad and die from being unhealthy. Now my future is full of hope. I’m excited to wake up each day. I have a goal— every single day, I have a goal, I have a purpose. I’m excited about the future.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been diagnosed with, what trials you’ve faced. Try not to let any of that define who you can be, who you want to be. Take it one day at a time, don’t settle for what life gives you if it’s not what you thought it was going to be. Never let age be a factor in anything. I don’t care if you’re overweight or underweight—there’s nothing that you can’t achieve if you just make the decision and never give up on it.

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