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How to track your activities

Adding Activities

To add your cardio-based activity for a given day, under the “Tracking” tab at top, click on “Calendar.” From there, click on the “Add Activity” link just below the tabs row. Select the intensity level of the activity (low, medium or high); steps, distance and/or duration completed (whichever is applicable); and your body weight on that day. If you know how many calories were burned in the workout, input that number. If you don’t, calories burned will be estimated for you.


Click the “Log Activity” button to officially add your activity to the calendar. (If you click on the calendar entry after it’s added, you’ll see estimated number of calories burned during the activity.) You can also view a graphical illustration of your activity by clicking “Activity Log” under the “Tracking” tab.


In addition to being readily available through JimStoppani.com, your activity log can be linked to a Withings or Fitbit account by using the links above the graph on the “Activity Log” page.