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How to track your measurements

Adding Measurements

To add your measurements on a given day, under the “Tracking” tab at top click on either “Calendar” or “Measurement Log.” From there, click on the “Add a Measurement” link just below the tabs row. A list of individual body part measurements, bodyweight, body fat percentage and cardiovascular metrics will appear. Fill in as many or as few of those fields as you like with your measurements for that day, then click “Submit Progress” below. (There is also a “Comments” space where you can record any notes you wish, or none at all.)


Once you’ve submitted your measurements, those numbers will be saved and time-stamped to your calendar so that you’ll always be able to go back and see what your numbers were that day. Measurements you input on subsequent days (weeks, months or even years later) will be charted on a graph, where past and present numbers will be compared in a convenient format.


Having easy access to your past measurements will keep you motivated to improve on your numbers going forward. It will also provide the crucial information you need for determining the effectiveness of your program. If you have mass-gaining goals, you’ll want to keep an eye on your bodyweight, lean mass and body part measurements. If you’re trying to lose weight/get lean, body fat percentage and specific measurements like waist size will help you access your progress. If the numbers (and the lines on the graphs) are moving in the right direction, you’ll know you’re on the right track with your training and diet. If not, you’ll know it’s time to reanalyze your program and make necessary changes.


Your measurements are a personal matter, but you also have the option to share your results with your friends, family and/or training partners by clicking on the Facebook, Twitter or email buttons. (Your measurements can also be linked to your Withings or Fitbit account for ultimate streamlining.) Sharing your progress with other like-minded people in your life will help keep you motivated and accountable to reaching all of your fitness goals.