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Steffen Gumpert

This professional chef cleaned up his diet – while also training and supplementing properly – and discovered great results.

Steffen Gumpert

Written by Steffen Gumpert

I was born in East Germany. I was always an athletic child. At the age of 9, I was chosen to train at a special school for talented kids. We trained five days a week and competed across the whole country. Our trainers trained the Olympic team, too. I was among the top 10 sprinters in my country, but my doctor said that I had to stop because my knee and ankle joints were messed up. So my dreams of Olympic competition were destroyed.

My second passion is food, so I decided to become a chef. But at the age of 35, I recognized that I was missing something in my life. I have a wonderful daughter, a wonderful girlfriend and worked as head chef of a restaurant, but something was missing. So I got a gym membership.

Three years ago, I was looking for information on training,

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