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Adam Welker

This fitness diehard took his training and diet to the next level to step onstage and compete.

Adam Welker

Written by Adam Welker

I began my weight training and fit lifestyle the summer before my senior year of high school. Now, seven years later, I’ve taken my passion for training to a new level. At the start of my transformation, my primary goal was to be stage-ready and compete in my first natural bodybuilding show.

If I hoped to compete on a regular basis, I needed a starting point to gauge my progress and pinpoint my weaknesses. I knew that I wanted to do it right and not have any regrets about what I could have done differently. That being said, I hired a trainer for the first time so that I would have someone with experience to support me and push me along my journey.

The biggest lifestyle change was my diet. Many of the concepts I used were similar to what’s in Jim's Dieting 101 program. I started by adjusting my fats and...

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