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Bettina Stoddart

This UK JYM Army member took the Holiday Shred Challenge to bounce back from a low point.

Bettina Stoddart

Written by Bettina Stoddart

I stumbled across Jim’s brand in 2013 at the BodyPower Expo in Birmingham (UK), when I sat through one of Jim’s lectures. I was hesitant to join his site because I thought I couldn't do any of the exercises. But I'm glad I did join, because the different workout routines make my training so much more interesting. I'm not allowed to do deadlifts and squats, so I just concentrate on the exercises I can do. You can always do other exercises to train your legs and back; it just may take you a bit longer.

The picture on the right in the above before and after shots was taken with me on stage at the UKBFF Scottish Championship, Body-Fitness category (age 49) in May 2015. I used Dieting 101 and Jim’s Reach Your Peak guidelines (describing Peak Week as “hard” isn’t even close!), and I created my own program by using exercises out of Jim Stoppani’s Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength (2nd Edition) – a signed copy of course! My husband was so proud of me – “You looked so beautiful and in the best shape you have ever been,” he told...

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