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Christopher Craig

This U.S. Army Reserve is inspiring other soldiers to improve their health and fitness levels.

Christopher Craig

Written by Christopher Craig

At the outset of my fitness journey, I primarily sought to lose my excess body fat that I’ve carried all my life. I was overweight for most of my childhood, though I never let myself believe it. I was in denial and just considered myself a naturally larger individual.

At my heaviest, I weighed around 255 pounds when I graduated high school in 2012. My weight fluctuated from there until I joined the U.S. Army Reserves in 2013; at that time, I weighed between 195 and 210 pounds.

My fitness journey really began in 2015 as I began to hit the gym at least three to four days a week, with no particular program or diet. I simply went in and worked out however I saw fit. This is the year when I first discovered Dr. Jim Stoppani and began to learn the importance of a clean diet. Over the next year and a half, I drove my weight down to my all-time low of 157 pounds simply using Dieting 101 and regularly hitting the gym.

This time, I felt I was ready to put on some mass. However, I was unsuccessful at this for months, as I hit a plateau and could not gain even one pound.

That's when I really dove into Dr. Stoppani’s articles and videos, educating myself on the must and must-nots of muscle-building protocols. Since then, I have been able to gain weight up to the present day, weighing in at 170 pounds.

After losing a massive amount of body fat, the primary program I have used to gain muscle is Jim’s Shortcut to Size, which I followed very strictly. In addition, I have also done a few of the Train With Jim workouts in between iterations of Shortcut to Size. I followed Dieting 101 to lose most of the body fat I had. I am now applying Dieting 101 in a reverse fashion, manipulating carbs, to gain clean mass through the winter months.

Though I have yet to try carb cycling at a steady pace, I have strategized my carb intake around holiday meals as Jim has suggested in his articles, while ensuring my protein and fat intake is still fairly consistent with my goals.

For supplementation, I have used Pre JYM and Post JYM as well as Pro JYM. I use them...

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