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Nathan Luman

This husband and father of three has made his health and fitness a top priority.

Nathan Luman

Written by Nathan Luman

At the start of my fitness journey, I was tired of being overweight, out of shape, and tired in general. I decided to take control of my life at the age of 40. I weighed in at 260 pounds in March 2016. I knew I had to get the weight off with the goal of building muscle.

My first program was Shortcut to Shred. I lost about 30 pounds on that program and by following Dieting 101. Then I joined the Summer Shred Challenge of 2016. I continued to drop weight following the Super Shredded 8 program for the challenge and Dieting 101.

After SS8, I did Daily Grind on my own and switched to an intermittent fasting diet (IF). Then I did the Super-Man Challenge, Fitter, Faster, Leaner, and the Holiday Shred Challenge, which my wife Jessica joined me on.

During the New Year's Challenge, I switched to doing Jim's Intermittent Fasting Carb Cycle Diet (IFCC). Following the challenge, I did Shortcut to Shred again and now I'm doing the Summer Shred Challenge, all following IFCC. From last March to this March, I went from wearing a 2XL shirt and a 42-inch waist to a medium/large shirt and a 32-inch waist.

I started with the main stack of JYM supplements: Pre JYM, Post JYM, and Pro JYM. I have since added Shred JYM, ZMA JYM, Vitamin D3, CLA, and GABA.

My motivation for sticking with the programs and nutrition is that I have three high-needs kids that I want and need to be around a long time for. My 18-year-old twin boys are autistic and epileptic, and my daughter is a type 1 diabetic. While she will be able to support herself eventually, I want to walk her down the aisle one day.

I had to make some serious changes from my old lifestyle, and nutrition was the hardest. It's rough going from eating whatever you want to sticking to a diet plan. The other thing was just carving out the time in my day to train. With three kids, my wife, and a full-time job, it was not always easy, but I knew I had to make the time. It helped that I had the full support of my wife, who made my health a priority. But once she joined me, it made following a strict diet a lot easier.

Everyone in my life has been shocked with the changes in my physique. I often get asked what I have been doing to get here and I proudly answer, "With jimstoppani.com; it's all I need."

I try to encourage everyone to join because the proof is in what I have done. Not to mention the wealth of information one can get from the website. All they need to do is join and get started.

I will continue to follow the programs on the website and log my macros daily. I don't ever want to go back to who I was before, and I know with the website, support from the JYM Army, and my wife that I will continue to improve my new, healthy lifestyle.



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