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Shawn Sturwold

A death in the family made this JYM Army member commit 100% to training and eating healthy. In the process, he's battled mental health issues and come out on top.

Shawn Sturwold

Written by Shawn Sturwold

I want share my story of how and why I got here.

My uncle died on me at 43. He was my best friend. I was broken. Nobody could save me. It was a harsh reality. My back was against the wall; I had nowhere to run or hide.

It’s times like this when we find out what we're made of. My uncle and I had dabbled in lifting weights. We never made enough progress to speak of, but those will always be fond memories. We were getting ready to dabble in it again, but then he died suddenly.

I wanted to honor him. It had to be in a spectacular way. Lifting weights and changing my body felt like the best way to do it. I wanted to show him and everyone how much I loved him.

By the grace of god, I found Dr. Jim Stoppani and everything changed. He was so real and approachable. He had everything laid out for me. I just had to execute.

I’ve never done any programs but Jim’s. I’ve never used any supplements but his JYM products. The fitness industry is overwhelming, so I loved that Jim simplified it for an ordinary person like me. He truly is a one-stop shop.

For the last four years, I’ve done a dozen of Jim’s programs multiple times – Daily Grind, Shortcut to Shred, Full-Body Shortcut to Size, Down and Up Mass, Back and Fourth Training, and Shortcut to Size/Micro Muscle, to name just a few.

I love doing full-body programs, but I just go back and forth between...

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