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Ethan French

This young man was tired of being skinny and weak. So he started doing the right training programs and taking the right supplements, and he gained 26 pounds of solid muscle. He's skinny and weak no more!

Ethan French

Written by Ethan French

First, I just want to thank God for keeping me safe during this whole process.

I'm now 19, but I started playing sports in school; it was around middle school, so I was around 12 or 13. I only played basketball, which means a lot of cardio and not as much weight lifting. So I wasn't really building muscle.

Back then, my work ethic wasn't all there in the gym. I didn't know anything about working out or anything about dieting or supplements. That's how I was all the way up until a little bit before my senior year when I turned 17.

My weight when I started was 155 pounds, and now I'm up to 181 pounds. My goal as of right now is to reach between 190 to 195 pounds.

I was always kind of skinny-fat. I was light as a feather, but I hated it. I wanted to be a bit heavier. Two years later, I'm up 26 pounds and still gaining slowly but surely. I spent countless hours trying to do research on how to gain lean mass. I've read many articles that I've tried but none of them really worked.

My sister and her husband were and still are fitness people, so I would hear them talk about it and it would get me interested and get my motivation up enough to actually start.

I wanted to find one line of products that was beneficial, safe, and highly recommended. That's how I came across JYM supplements. I would and still do watch Jim Stoppani’s videos and learn from them.

I started off using Shred JYM, and now I'm using Vita JYM, Pre JYM, Post JYM, and Pro JYM.

Then I read about Jim's mass gainer, Mass JYM, and the 1:1 protein and carb ratio for lean and cut mass. That's what I used, and that was a huge factor in how I gained 13 of my 26 pounds.

I've only used two programs, but I'm looking forward to doing more in the future. I've done Shortcut to Size and 6 Weeks to Sick Arms, and now I'm looking to start Five & Dime.

To the people reading this article, take it from somebody who has followed Jim Stoppani and tried his supplements and his programs — they work.

It's going to take time, but all good things come to those who wait and work hard for results. The support throughout the whole JYM community is amazing, too. Numerous JYM Army members have given me tips and I've been truly inspired by other members' stories.

If I had to give any advice, I would say listen to the people that doubt you and hear what they say. Go to the gym and let that fuel your fire and work to prove them wrong. That's what I've done and I've proved many wrong.

Life is about improving and getting better mentally and physically. Approach everything with an open mind, with a learning mind. You will never stop learning and improving as long as you keep the mindset that everything works, because everything does and will work.

If you work on it enough, you'll definitely see progress. It took me two years, because I got a little lazy in between when I felt like nothing was happening. But I had a few people in my life and in the JYM community who encouraged me back into weightlifting.

You can either run from adversity or come face-to-face with it head-on and conquer it. I feel like anybody can improve themselves as long as they continue to work hard and stay dedicated.

I have much respect for the people who start the gym for the first time, because I know what their wanting to do. We've all been in their shoes.

Lastly, I want to thank Jim Stoppani for his amazing work and research that has helped me get me closer to my goal. I'm always going to be following him and his supplements.

Also, a huge thank you to the JYM community for sharing all of their inspirational words and tips. Jim Stoppani is one of my idols and doing this profile is a big dream come true.

I hope to help others achieve their fitness goals and change their life. I'll always recommend Jim.

Thank you!


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