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Ben Sharpton

The considerable strength gains this firefighter has made in just four months will help him greatly in his occupation.

Ben Sharpton

Written by Ben Sharpton

When I started my fitness journey, I wanted to get healthier but I also wanted to pack on as much muscle as possible. I started benching at 185 pounds, squatting 275 pounds and deadlifting 265 pounds. Now, after following Shortcut To Size and taking Pro JYM for just over four months, I'm benching 245 pounds with ease, squatting 325 pounds for reps and deadlifting over 400 pounds.

For nutrition, I ate mainly chicken, salmon, rice and vegetables. For cheat meals, I would go out for a steak and dessert. Throughout the process, I've taken Pro JYM, Pre JYM, Post JYM and Vita JYM, as well as Jim’s homemade mass-gainer shake.

My biggest motivation was seeing improvements in my health. I felt better every day I stuck it out. Becoming a fireman also motivated me: I wanted to be the biggest, fastest, strongest fireman in order to be able to save lives. Even though I was working fulltime, I always made it to the gym, no matter what.

The keys to my success were a supportive family and an awesome girlfriend who motivated me every day to keep going. It feels good when co-workers and friends compliment the progress I’ve made.

The advice I have for anyone looking to get fit is to look no further than Jim Stoppani. I trust every single word he says. Without a doubt, his products are the best ever made. I’m currently following Down And Up Mass and I plan on continuing with as many of his programs as I can get in before the end of this year. The only way to further my fitness goals is with JYM products and Jim’s knowledge.

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