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Chris Knox

This late-30s family man ditched addictive pain medications and adopted a fit lifestyle, and he's a better dad and person for it.

Chris Knox

Written by Chris Knox

My fitness journey began in February 2017. I was sitting at 190 pounds with 24 percent body fat. Now, that may not seem like a lot, but for a guy my size who has been able to eat whatever and stay lean for so long, it was out of control.

How did I get to this point in my life? Well, that's the true story behind my motivation. It all started when I got my first kidney stone at age 19. I was given strong pain meds to deal with the pain. Anyone who has taken painkillers knows that euphoria when they kick in. Well, I got hooked. When I got kidney stones every month, it seemed, it became easier to get more meds. Then I had a knee operation to remove bone from under my patellar tendon — more meds.

After that, I underwent more kidney stone procedures and two back surgeries, including a two-level fusion at the bottom of my spine. More meds!!! Full-blown addiction at that point.

February 12, 2017, was the last time I put that poison in my body. I made up my mind that I needed a lifestyle change. I tried the keto diet and home workout programs, which helped me get through the detox, but I needed more.

My brother suggested I watch some YouTube videos by the one and only Dr. Jim Stoppani. I immediately joined a gym and started using his techniques. My first program was Shortcut to Shred and I saw great results, cutting down to 13 percent body fat. At that point, I was down to 148 pounds.

I wanted more, so I read Dieting 101 and decided to get serious about my diet. My second program was Down and Up Mass and I started seeing good muscle gains.

Then I read about intermittent fasting and decided to do HIIT 100 to put on more size but stay lean. I gained four pounds and was down to 11 percent body fat. I just completed 3 Prong Strong and I'm up four more pounds and sitting currently at 11.9 percent body fat.

My supplementation started with Pre JYM, Pro JYM, and Post JYM. It has grown now to include Alpha JYM, Shred JYM, ZMA JYM... and of course, gummy bears!

Now that I'm clean and in the best shape of my life at age 37, my motivation has changed. Now I'm determined to be the healthiest and strongest father to my two beautiful daughters. They deserve the best, and I intend to be that man.

After reading my story, I want everyone to know that anything can be achieved if you're willing to put in the work and make the changes necessary to get results.


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