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Larry White

Getting on the right training program, diet and supplement regimen turned this new father's physique around 180 degrees.

Larry White

Written by Larry White

I’ve been a serious lifter for most of my adult life. I sustained a shoulder injury in 2014 that put me on the sidelines for close to a year. I set out not only to get back to where I was, but to surpass any level of fitness that I had achieved in the past.

After I was injured, I fell completely off the wagon and a healthy diet was non-existent. I went from being a lean 200 pounds to a saggy 216 pounds. After discovering Jim Stoppani, I decided to give Shortcut to Shred and Dieting 101 a shot. While on these programs, I lost a total of 22 pounds and went from a size 36 waist to a size 32. I gained strength and muscle, all while on a cutting-edge fitness program and low-carbohydrate diet. I achieved these results in five months; I completed Shortcut to Shred two times and stayed on the Dieting 101 plan the entire time.

When I started noticing a few bumps in the road, I added in Jim’s intermittent fasting routine and a few supplements that he recommended. I took green tea extract and CLA to help with fat loss. To make sure I was getting enough protein every day, I supplemented with Pro JYM exactly as laid out in Dieting 101. To help out with inflammation, I also took fish oil pills on a daily basis.

My motivation for getting back into shape is my little girl, who was born in May of this year. I knew that if I didn’t get started right away, it would be even harder down the road and I would end up like most adult males in my area – obese and sedentary. After seeing those first few pounds come off, I knew I wouldn’t stop until I reached my ultimate goal.

The biggest change that I had to make during the transformation was keeping my wife in mind when it came to meals. I do all of the cooking, so I needed to be creative in order to keep us both happy at meal times. Jim’s Food Alternatives List made it pretty easy when looking for replacements.

The biggest factor that kept me on track was keeping tabs on my progress. I took progress pictures every week for the first month and that really kept me motivated. I did have a gym partner, but that was challenging at times. He always wanted to stray from the program and try different routines. So I not only had to motivate myself, but my partner as well.

The feedback that I’ve gotten from friends and family has been truly amazing. I’m constantly being asked “What exercise program and eating plan are you on?” and “What supplements are you taking?”

The best advice I can give to anyone looking to start their journey is to set realistic goals, don’t be afraid to seek professional guidance and track your progress along the way. Anytime you hit a road block, take a step back, review your plan and make small adjustments as needed.

Now that I’ve reached my goal, I plan to start on a mass-gaining regimen. I’m in the beginning phase of Shortcut to Size and the high-carb end of Dieting 101. I’m going to track my progress and submit a new transformation entry after the new year.             

Thanks for all of the knowledge that you pass along, Jim!

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