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Nathan Guyer

This former college wrestler reclaimed his body with dedication, hard work, better food and proper programming.

Nathan Guyer

Written by Nathan Guyer

Eight months ago, I weighed 335 pounds and needed a five-minute breather after walking up a flight of stairs. I couldn't comfortably fit into 44-inch jeans and I struggled to buckle my belt at its largest option. I had high blood pressure, my diet was horrendous, and my motivation was at an all-time low.

After wrestling in college, alcohol replaced working out as a stress reliever. I went from my competition weight of 242 pounds to 330 pounds in less than two years. I was completely unaware of my lifestyle changes until I saw a picture of myself celebrating Independence Day. It was a wake-up call that I can still hear.

Shortly after the holiday, I had a fainting spell at work, cementing the fact that things needed to change. I was lucky to have a friend suggest Jim Stoppani's programs. Being a person who has to jump in headfirst, I knew Super Shredded 8 would push me hard enough to jolt my system to get things under control. It was an intense program that demanded focus, and it made me feel accomplished when I finished; it even had a diet plan that was easy enough for me to follow.

Anything I didn't understand was easily answered in a Jim video. I lost almost 30 pounds on the SS8 program alone and haven't looked back since! The muscle gains while burning fat was something I couldn't believe. Wrestling always made me think that I couldn't do both when "cutting weight," but there I was, completely rebuilding my perception day by day!

Jim's supplements aren't a smoke-and-mirrors show; you can walk into any nutrition shop and have hundreds of products shoved down your throat and never have a clue if you have a quality product. Jim lays it all out with his honest and informative videos. I felt this was a guy I could trust.

I have been using his line of supplements for the last six months and I feel it has given me great results! I've continued to gain muscle and lose fat. It helps that Pro JYM actually tastes good and can be baked into diet-friendly treats. Red velvet Pro JYM pancakes are wonderful!

Like most people, I was quick to come up with excuses when I first got back into the fitness game, but Jim's app really kept the excuses to a minimum, which led to a far easier transition. I was also able to get his Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength. With the app and book, I couldn't lose!

If I could, I would gladly take time out of my day to recommend Jim's programs, supplements and large following of JYM Army members! "Grateful" doesn't describe how I feel. The programs, information, and willingness to help others have helped me change my life. At my last weigh-in, I was 259 pounds, with a noticeable increase in muscle. I'm six inches down on my waist, gaining strength, managing my blood pressure, and my self-esteem is at an all-time high.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Jim Stoppani! And thank you, JYM Army, for advice and down-to-earth support — I couldn't have done it without you!

I look forward to seeing continuous results as a member of the JYM Army. 


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