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Chelsea Kamody

The powerful story of a JYM Army member who battled – and overcame – serious eating disorders by adopting a more balanced approach to her fitness.

Chelsea Kamody

Written by Chelsea Kamody

My name is Chelsea Kamody. I’m an 8th grade science teacher and coach. I’m also a concert pianist and teach piano lessons. I’ve always loved sports and I was very active growing up. I played volleyball, softball and ran throughout high school. However, when I was 16, the idea of becoming fit and healthy took a turn for the worse: My grandma, to whom I was incredibly close, passed away. I didn’t know how to deal with my emotions, so I started using exercise as a form of escape.

While that may not seem like a bad thing, I took it to the extreme, spending hours upon hours a day running, biking and jumping rope. I lost my appetite and stopped eating. I soon started seeing my weight drop. I was 5’10”, 126 pounds, athletic and thin and I did NOT need to lose weight. However, I got it into my head that I needed to be skinnier and it soon became a game of control. This “game” spiraled out of control quickly and took over my life. I struggled with severe eating disorders for the next 10 years. I was hospitalized numerous times for heart issues, liver issues, malnourishment, but none of that seemed to register as a red flag to change. I saw therapist after therapist, visited one treatment center after another, and it was all a game of manipulation to me. I worked out for hours a day, constantly read fitness magazines and admired the models I saw and wondered why I couldn’t get to that point even though I was so dedicated to the gym.

Finally, in November of 2014, I hit an all-time low of 75 pounds. I could not walk straight or think straight; I had no emotions and I was randomly passing out. At an unpleasant doctor’s visit, I was told that my heart and liver were failing and I was going to die before Christmas. I heard this news, broke down, and I actually gave up at first. I made an attempt to take my life, but failed. That night, I sat there thinking about everything I had to be thankful for. There was no reason for me...

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