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Larry White

Getting on the right training program, diet and supplement regimen turned this new father's physique around 180 degrees.

Larry White

Written by Larry White

I’ve been a serious lifter for most of my adult life. I sustained a shoulder injury in 2014 that put me on the sidelines for close to a year. I set out not only to get back to where I was, but to surpass any level of fitness that I had achieved in the past.

After I was injured, I fell completely off the wagon and a healthy diet was non-existent. I went from being a lean 200 pounds to a saggy 216 pounds. After discovering Jim Stoppani, I decided to give Shortcut to Shred and Dieting 101 a shot. While on these programs, I lost a total of 22 pounds and went from a size 36 waist to a size 32. I gained strength and muscle, all while on a cutting-edge fitness program and low-carbohydrate diet. I achieved these results in five months; I completed Shortcut to Shred two times and stayed on the Dieting 101 plan the entire time.

When I started noticing a few bumps in the road, I added in Jim’s intermittent fasting routine and a few supplements that he recommended. I took green tea extract and CLA to help with fat loss. To make sure I was...

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