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Matt Garza

Learning how to train, eat, and supplement properly turned this 30-something's life and health around 180 degrees.

Matt Garza

Written by Matt Garza

My fitness journey began in March of 2018. I had always been in OK shape most of my life.

One morning, at the age of 34, I looked in the mirror while I was shaving and wasn't happy with what I saw. I was overweight. I had a hard time tying my shoes and walking upstairs. I told myself it had to stop.

I was 290 pounds with 42 percent body fat and couldn't understand how I let that happen to myself. 

My transformation was like nothing I expected. I lost 50 pounds, dropped 17 percent of body fat, and 13 inches from my waist. It put me at 240 pounds and 25 percent body fat, with a 36-inch waist.

Weighing myself wasn't how I saw my transformation, but how I looked in the mirror. These diets and programs gave me strength and fat loss in 23 weeks I never thought were possible.

Finding the Right Path

I started out like anyone going to the gym, trying to use workouts I learned in high school. Getting little to no results, I just about gave up and continued on a path to an early grave.

But while doing research trying to find an answer, I came across Dr. Jim Stoppani. I thought to myself, I'll try out his program. What do I have to lose at this point?

So, in June of 2018, I started using Dr. Stoppani's Dieting 101 and training programs. I started out with HIIT 100, then moved on to Super Shredded 8, Super-Man Remastered, Down and Up Mass, and I'm currently doing the 2019 New Year's Challenge.

All these programs have changed me both mentally and physically, giving me a new outlook on life. 

Nutrition and Supplements Made the Difference...

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