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Jeff Cetnar

He's working his way toward more muscle, more strength, and less bodyfat with proper diet, JYM supplements, and the right training programs.

Jeff Cetnar

Written by Jeff Cetnar

In late October 2015, evenings in the Northeast were getting longer and the beginning of “couch” had begun.

For some reason, and I'm not even sure why, I started going out to the garage and started lifting stuff, not even telling my wife what I was doing at first. After picking up some cheap Craigslist weights, an inside joke of going to the garage to do “body work” started, and being a car guy, it just kinda stuck.

Fast-forward almost three years (two years, nine months), workout sessions that were once used to fight winter boredom have now replaced all other hobbies. Fitness is now the way of life in the Cetnar house.

Starting off at a skinny/fat 165 pounds, I struggled to gain muscle. I found Jim Stoppani's Shortcut to Size on Bodybuilding.com and I just went all in for it, learning more and more about Jim as I went along.

In the end, the results were terrible — LOL! No muscles, no leanness, and no visual change.

Then the realization that it takes more than picking things up and putting them down started to sink in. Macro counting, which once sounded like rocket science, was now becoming normal and things like food prepping and inputting meals at MyFitnessPal.com was now a daily thing.

Cheap protein powders and sale-priced pre-workouts were finally replaced with Pre JYM and Pro JYM, and even more Craigslist weights were added to the home gym.

After grinding out Jim's five-day split and eating my way up to 201 pounds and 24 percent body fat, on January 1st, the time came to start cutting.

Little by little and following Dieting 101, pounds started slowly dropping, but I still could not see any changes.

April 1st arrived and I was determined to see changes. One and a half to two-hour lifting sessions every other day and 23 minutes of Tabatas on the other days is currently the schedule.

In the last three months, I've dropped back to my starting weight of 165 pounds and lost 7 percent of body fat (now at 17 percent) – but best of all, I can finally see changes!

The help and support from my wife has been unbelievable and there is no way possible for me to do this without her. Between healthy groceries and food prepping, I know she's got my back.

“Atta boy” and compliments are few and far between, but every once in a while someone will comment on your change and it will help drive you to your next goal.

A huge thank you to the JYM ARMY, and most of all to my wife for constantly supporting me and making me push toward those goals. 


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