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Justin May

This JYM Army member suffered a debilitating stroke due to alcohol abuse, but he's since recovered with the help of the JYM Army and JimStoppani.com programs and diets.

Justin May

Written by Justin May

For most of my life, alcohol was always a problem; I just didn’t think it was.

When I turned 30, it got worse and worse. Blackouts, seizures, and I could hardly walk. On March 21, 2012, I had a major stroke from alcohol detox.

I moved from California to Oklahoma to be with my family. The first year, I still hated everything, but things started getting better. Since the stroke, I have walked with my cane “Fred,” and each year I have been getting better.

I got married on September 10, 2016, to a woman I hadn’t seen since high school. One day last summer, I decided I was going to help motivate my family to lose weight. I bought some dumbbells and started finding workouts on the Internet. At about the same time, I found out our little town had a gym. And then I found Jim Stoppani.

My wife and I started going to the gym and I started studying everything I could on the JYM Army and Jim's Facebook page

The first program I did was Full-Body Shortcut to Size, and then I took off until the first of the year. I've since done 28 days to Redemption, Down and Up Mass, Full-Body Shortcut to Size again, and I'm now on the classic Shortcut to Size.

After starting Dr. Jim’s programs, my balance and ability to walk changed drastically. I now can walk without “Fred” or having to grab hold of anything for balance for quite a ways, and I just keep getting better.

The response I got after the first picture I posted was overwhelming. I never thought that I would inspire and motivate people. I just wanted to help my family and grow my arms.

Dr. Jim Stoppani has changed my life in so many ways for the positive. I have learned if someone says you can’t, prove them wrong. 

I started with all the JYM supplements and finally figured out what my macros should be through Dieting 101 and how easy eating right really is.

I would like to say thanks to the Steve Ngo and Debbie Stevens for their help answering all the questions I had and the rest of the JYM Army for all their love and support!


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