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Ash Corner

This JYM Army member has added considerable size and strength through structured programs, nutrition and supplementation.

Ash Corner

Written by Ash Corner

When I first started to flirt with fitness and the gym, I wanted what the majority of people yearn for: to build muscle and lose that stubborn, unwanted body fat. I can openly say I have tried all the incorrect methods — under-eating, with no idea of the importance of nutrition, doing more cardio than weightlifting — and not getting close to the results I wanted. I understood that I was clearly doing something wrong.

Then I started doing some research and discovered Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Shred and Shortcut to Size programs. I set aside some time one weekend and studied all he had to say. At the end of 2014, I decided to give it my all and follow Shortcut to Shred, while learning to eat according to my body weight and goals.

I lost a remarkable amount of body fat for my first "cut," but realized I didn’t have the desired amount of muscle mass I aimed for. I followed up with Shortcut to Size and I gained a good amount of size and strength. Once I finished Shortcut to Size, I decided to sign up on jimstoppani.com. I was sold on his approach, methods, and ethics when it came to weightlifting and fitness.

I wanted to lose some of the body fat I gained from Shortcut to Size, so I entered the Summer Shred Challenge. I lost 20 pounds while still maintaining some decent muscle mass and strength gains.

Since then, I've completed Show Time, Super-Man, Down and Up Mass, and now I’m currently in my third week of Super Shredded 8. I can safely say that all these programs work, with clear results in both muscle-mass gain, body-fat loss, strength gains and mental wellness!

I used the JYM supplement line to help maximize my results, and followed all the diet plans and nutritional advice on jimstoppani.com, based on my goals each time.

Friends and family have been astounded by the results I have achieved so far and have commended me for my determination and passion toward this new lifestyle. I have also received positive feedback through social media.

I'll be honest, not every moment was easy. To keep me motivated, I've befriended some JYM Army members through Instagram who have helped me along the way in times of doubt and confusion. (Shout-out to Kevin Kennard, Steffen Gumpert, Justin Kamb, Will Kucharek, and Anthony Touart!) They all lead by example and offer a helping hand, as well as Jim Stoppani, of course, and Mike McErlane.

If I can offer any advice to other JYM Army members or people looking to start their fitness lifestyle change, it would be to just do it! Get started today and stay the course. It’s not always going to be easy, but make sure the days you really don’t feel like it, you DO stick to your diet plan and you DO get that leg workout in because you'll feel better afterward for it. A year from now, you'll look back on the "old" you and be able to see all you’ve accomplished!

The JYM Army is a friendly and committed movement who all help one another along the way. I'm happy to help others any way I can, too. I think the most important thing to remember is that no matter what level we're at, we're all learning and can help one another strive for more.


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