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Edward Scogins

Losing 60 pounds and 15% body fat in a year changed everything for this young father – now he's determined to help others have similar success.

Edward Scogins

Written by Edward Scogins

After my divorce, I was in a horrible place. Low self-worth, struggling mentally, emotionally, and above all else, physically. I would binge eat a few times a week. I was not being the role model I needed to be for my boys. I saw the impact this had on both my sons and the impact of our family splitting up.

Being JYM Army Strong means more to me than just being part of a community that supports each other. It's utilizing the strength to show my boys that no matter how bad you think you are, dedication and hard work will get you out of that hole where you are at a position to help others do the same.

I found Jim Stoppani in his Muscle & Fitness days, and I instantly knew this guy was speaking truth. In this past year, I found the JYM line of supplements and his exercise programs.

I started my journey concentrating on fat loss, changing my nutrition lifestyle and supplementation. Using Dieting 101, I immediately learned about the overabundance I consumed in my dark days and immediately changed. It was eye-opening, to say the least.

Learning to track food was pivotal. Being a night-shift worker, Jim's Intermittent Fasting Guide fell into my daily schedule like a missing piece of puzzle. Wanting to lose the fat, the Tabatas were the key in the beginning, since HIIT is proven to burn fat.

Previously when I exercised, I was taking so much in terms of supplementation: protein, BCAAs, creatine, beta alanine, arginine, and spending tons of money.

I was able to cut everything and simplify by using Pre JYM, Post JYM, and Pro JYM, saving time, money, and counter space. After being happy with losing the fat, I got into resistance training via Daily Grind. This full-body program blasted me. I tossed in Jim's Cardioacceleration and continued to lean out while building muscle.

I knew I wanted a good picture for my transformation and going through Jim's Reach Your Peak got me photo-ready. I've dropped 15 percent body fat and more than 60 pounds in a year. I went from 253 pounds to 187 pounds, and from 27.5 percent body fat to 12.5 percent.

It wasn't easy. Through injury, plateaus, and life, I had to make my health a priority, for my family and for myself. At 37 years old — about to turn 38 — I can honestly say I'm in the best shape of my life.

I had always been the chubby, fat kid. Now, I'm healthy, confident, and ready for anything else life throws at me. I have the knowledge that I'm excited to have the chance to share with my clients as I pursue a certification in personal training and start a new journey in a local fitness center, helping others just like me and staying JYM Army Strong!


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