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Jamie Brown

This mother of four has taken it one step at a time to achieve her health and fitness goals.

Jamie Brown

Written by Jamie Brown

My name is Jamie Brown and I am a 38-year-old divorced mother of four children. The initial goal that started me on this journey was to lose 20 pounds and prevent myself from picking up another cigarette!

As far as tracking my progress, I’ve never been one to step on a scale or measure. I know how I’m doing based on how I look and feel. I went from barely squatting 65 pounds in June 2014 to now doing three sets of five reps at 205 pounds. My bench went from 50 pounds to three sets of five reps at 115 pounds.

I’ve done many of Jim’s programs in the last year and a half, including Shortcut to Shred (twice), Super Shredded 8 (twice), Daily Grind, Drop Set Countdown, HIIT 100 (twice), Tabata Weight Blast, 5,3,2 Strength and currently Fitter, Faster Leaner!

Nutrition is the part that I’m still learning. I’ve realized that if I try to accomplish everything at once, my chances of failing are higher, so it’s a work in progress. Eat clean, get the needed protein and get enough to eat!

My biggest motivation for sticking with the workouts and nutrition is the knowledge that I wasn’t living up to my full potential as a person and as a mother. I continue to feel and see the results of my workouts and nutrition, and just doing what is in the realm of possibility for that day and not beating myself up or overwhelming myself when things haven’t worked out how I wanted.

Quitting drinking and smoking was essential in reaching my goals and understanding that in order to raise children to their fullest potential, we have to be an example to them. Seeing us overcome adversity is what really matters because it helps them believe in themselves as well.

Also, understanding that making the decision to focus on health and fitness isn’t just to look good; it improves every aspect of our lives, including our stress levels and our general attitude toward life.

The key to how I’ve succeeded thus far is not trying to do too much at once; committing to something is hard enough. I worked on stopping smoking, I decided to work out, then start lifting. Once I felt I was making progress in the gym, I focused more on my nutrition. I know that if I had tried to do it all at once, I wouldn’t have gotten this far. The Holiday Shred Challenge was the push that helped me get my nutritional goals in place.

Also, I LOVE music!! I am an addict and working out is another excuse to put music in my ears and get in the zone!


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