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Natalie Barry

This JYM Army mom turned her body and her life around in her mid-30s with a steady diet of heavy lifting and clean nutrition.

Natalie Barry

Written by Natalie Barry

I'm 38 years old and in the best shape of my life. A few years ago, I realized I was tired of carrying around extra weight, being uncomfortable in my clothes and embarrassed to wear certain things. I started off with the intention of losing weight, but what I ended up doing was losing fat, gaining muscle and changing the composition of my body. I found something that I was missing in life: a huge passion for health and fitness. I learned that instead of spending hours on the treadmill, if I lifted — and I mean lifted heavy — and gained more muscle, my body would burn more calories throughout the day. So began my love for lifting! 

I've battled numerous injuries, including nerve damage in my foot, lower back pain, knee issues and more. I'm insulin resistant and I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), as well as degenerative disc disease, all of which has made my fitness journey not an easy one. But despite all that, I've never given up.

I want people to know that it's HARD getting fit — you'll cry, you'll hurt, you'll feel like quitting, but if you stick with it, you'll be amazed at what your body can accomplish. There is no quick fix to weight loss, no diet pills, no teas, no wraps. It's hard work, in and out of the gym, seven days a week. It takes dedication and discipline and it's absolutely worth it. Fitness has literally saved my life. Physically, I'm stronger and healthier, and mentally I'm no longer dealing with depression. 

I have an amazing 5-year-old little girl who motivates me every day to live a healthy lifestyle. I want her to know that women can be strong and have muscle too. She loves to work out with me and flex her muscles! I want to be around to run, chase and play with her as she grows, so getting healthy was my only option.

I went through major guilt (as most moms do) when I decided to dedicate an hour each day just to taking care of myself. But I soon realized that taking care of myself is important not only for my own well-being but for my family's as well. I want moms out there to know its OK to take care of yourself first. Take that hour a day and work out; you'll thank yourself in the long run and so will your family!

I started using JYM supplements about two years ago, but about eight months ago I hit a major plateau. So I decided to give Shortcut to Shred a go and I had amazing results! 

I've learned so much from Jim's programs about proper nutrition, how to count macros and more! My fitness journey will never end. It's led me to a passion I can't live without, and I'm about to start my career in health and fitness as a personal trainer. That's all due to the fact that I want to help people realize that anyone can do this!

We all have it in us to accomplish so much more than we think. Jim Stoppani and all he does for the fitness industry is amazing. I am so thankful for him and Mike for creating JYM Supplement Science! Thank you #JYMarmy!


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