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Shane Cleminson

This father and grandpa has battled anger and depression issues – and is winning the battles – with the help of training and nutrition.

Shane Cleminson

Written by Shane Cleminson

I started lifting weights when I was 15. (I am 47 this year.) I grew up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Africa, during a civil war. My parents divorced and I was dealing with anger and depression from the divorce, as well as grieving family and friends lost in the war. I had seen my dad lift weights, and I started lifting to help my self-esteem, anger, and depression.

By age 19, I had started competing in bodybuilding competitions, and I loved the gym. It was my happy place. I continued to train, but less rigorously through my 20s and 30s through a move to the USA.

In my mid 40s, I continued to work out, but with no clear goals, and my weight went from 190 pounds to 250 pounds as I faced new challenges and a new start in life in America as an Asylee.

I went through a divorce, and my battle with depression and low self-esteem overwhelmed me. My weight shot back up in a few months, and I was not eating well and trying to train with poor results. I just could not find the energy or desire to plan a workout. After suicidal feelings and major anxiety, I checked into a hospital and had time to reflect and think about my life, my goals, my faith, my passion, and my self-worth.

I had discovered  Jim Stoppani and did Shortcut to Shred. I loaded up with Pre JYM, Post JYM, and Pro JYM, and I hit the gym daily as soon as I could. I dropped from 250 pounds to 205 pounds in a few months and was so excited. I loved the process and results.

I had a busy schedule as a single dad raising three kids alone. But Jim’s programs took the load off at the gym, and I could walk in and open a program and grind away.

Jim’s programs gave me a daily activity I could control at a time when so much was out of my control. It was therapeutic being able to just focus on myself for that hour at the gym. I learned so much about training, despite years of experience.

The workouts, Pre JYM and Post JYM, muscle memory, and lots of anger turned into motivation that brought results fast. I was soon stable at 210 pounds. My kids saw my energy levels rise and I was able to rebuild a stable home life for them.

After Shortcut to Shred, I found Super-Man and Down and Up Mass and loved both programs. I found the JYM Army was full of people who had beaten their own battles and won, and I read posts daily to find encouragement. I continue to train with Jim’s workouts and am currently doing the 2020 New Year's Challenge.

The last few years have been busy moving with my kids, becoming a grandpa, and getting engaged to an incredible girl who also lifts and loves JYM (she can out squat me!), but I managed to do the Ripped in 6 Challenge and the Summer Shred Challenge and loved them both. 

I'm loving the gym again, and my goal is to carry on training and to lean out. Diet will be more of a focus. My physical health has helped me mentally and spiritually, too.

I’m only competing with myself, and I'm winning. I cannot thank Jim and the JYM Army enough. I have found my spark again, my love for the gym again, and I'm enjoying my kids and being a grandpa. I'm excited about being healthy, feeling healthy, and looking forward to the future.


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