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Amy Hyde

Amy Hyde, female grand prize winner of the 2016 New Year's Challenge, shares five tips for a successful New Year's Resolution body transformation.

Amy Hyde

I've said this before: I learn as much from the JYM Army as the JYM Army learns from me. As a research scientist, the feedback I get from the men and women following my programs, diets and supplement regimens (my "test subjects," if you will!) is invaluable. With this feedback, I'm able to keep improving the information I provide on JimStoppani.com to make this website a more effective resource and an even better value.

I figure since I'm learning so much from JYM Army members, everyone else should too. That's why, as we approach my second annual New Year's Challenge, I want to turn it over to last year's female grand prize winner Amy Hyde. The male grand prize winner was none other than Amy's husband Kevin Hyde. The two were "partners in fitness" as they made phenominal transformations in their bodies and their lives over the course of just six short weeks while following the New Year's Challenge.

How did they do it? Through hard training and proper nutrition, mainly. But there's more to it than just those "macro" elements. Below, Amy shares five other critical aspects that led to her and Kevin's fitness success.

–Jim Stoppani, PhD

My 5 Keys to New Year's Challenge Success

By Amy Hyde, 2016 JimStoppani.com New Year's Challenge Female Grand Prize Winner

#1 Decide to Make the Commitment to Change

When I decided I was going to take part in the New Years Challenge, I also decided that I was going to give it my 100% best effort. For me, that meant sticking to my meal plan without exception and keeping up with the workout program, no excuses. At the beginning of the challenge, I told myself I was doing this for my kids – I wanted to be healthier for my kids. When it got hard, I realized that I needed to be my own reason to change. I had to learn to accept that it was okay to want a change for myself and that I deserved to accomplish this for myself.

#2 Make Gym Time a Routine

I personally struggle with making it to the gym if I don't go in the morning, so I decided to go to the gym after dropping my children off at school. Making this change helped me to not worry about whether or not a workout was going to happen – I was going to make it to the gym early in the day and I was going to work my hardest while I was there.

#3 Track Your Food and Make Your Meals Fit Your Lifestyle

Once I had my macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat) figured out down to the grams per day I wanted, I entered them into a food tracking app. This was a huge part of keeping me on track to the goal I was working towards. I would plan the night before for the meals I would have the next day. I wasn't great at prepping meals for the whole week; I don't enjoy eating leftovers, so what worked for me was planning one day at a time.

Another huge key to keeping my diet on track was making my meals fit my lifestyle. I know I like to have a snack with my children after school, so not allowing myself that wouldn't have worked. Our family sits down for dinner together every night – we have four children and this time is very important for us to have with them. It was too hard for me to sit down with anything different on my plate than what I was serving my children. So, family meals became healthier and we actually made dinner every night instead of going out for dinner.

#4 Take the Right Supplements

Working out every day and keeping my food on track was a lot of work. The easy part was deciding to enhance my efforts by taking JYM supplements. I took daily Pre JYM, Post JYM, Pro JYM, Omega JYM, Shred JYM and ZMA JYM. I know the JYM Supplement Science products played a big part in my body transforming as quickly as it did.

#5 Find a Support System

Finding people who supported my goals made a big difference in helping me achieve my transformation. My husband expected healthier meals to be served at home, which helped both of us during the challenge. He stayed home with the kids if I decided to go back to the gym for an extra cardio session in the evening. I also had a family member who volunteered to come watch my sick child so I could make it to the gym and keep my routine going. Little things like that played such a big part in keeping me on track during this challenge. And, of course, the JYM Army Facebook page is always a great place to find a little extra motivation!

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