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Raymond Cool

This Army veteran fought PTSD and transformed his body and life with the help of JimStoppani.com and the JYM Army.

Raymond Cool

Written by Raymond Cool

I want to share with you my transformation journey. At the age of 17, I graduated high school and left for U.S. Army basic training.

Shortly after basic training, I was sent on my first deployment to Afghanistan as an infantryman. Upon returning from my first deployment, I married my beautiful wife Tara. But I was called back a second time to Afghanistan. After that chapter of my life closed, into the world I went.

At 23 years old, I started my life and tried to figure out where my place in society was. Unfortunately, my “companion” who sat in the dark took control of my life. Alcohol, tobacco, binge-eating junk food, drugs, and a life of isolation were my ways of trying to handle things myself.

I found myself on a back road watching a video that my platoon on my first deployment had put together as a highlight of our deployment. With my pistol in my lap, I watched the video and I thought to myself, “I can’t win, I can’t take control of my life.”

All of a sudden, a car drove by and I started driving so as to not draw attention. In that moment a voice said, “Yes, you can.”

Four years later, after finding professional help and a wife of steel, I started to learn how to manage my PTSD.

Path to Success – Training, Nutrition & Supplements

I had reached 260 pounds when a friend asked me if I had ever heard of Dr. Jim Stoppani. I found his website and instantly started to read everything I could find.

Dieting 101 gave me the fundamental information to understand how to eat healthy and realistically start changing. I also found articles on intermittent fasting and applied that to my meal plan.

The first program I found and started was Super Shredded 8. Along with Super Shredded 8, I incorporated JYM supplements.

My supplement stack then and now consists of Pre JYM, Pro JYM, Post JYM BCAAs+, Omega JYM, Vita JYM, Shred JYM, SS8, and sometimes Post JYM Fast-Digesting Carb, but will switch back and forth to gummy bears and other fast-digesting carb treats after the gym.

Finding His Support Group – The JYM Army

During that time, I joined the JYM Army Facebook group, which was loaded with testimonies, support, encouragement, and updates on the JYM supplement system.

I follow Dr. Stoppani’s Facebook page as well and incorporate his tips into my routine, which continually boost my gains.

My weight went from 260 pounds and about 26% body fat with size 42 pants, to where I currently sit at 194 pounds and about 14.8% body fat and size 30 pants!

The JYM staff is amazing and I appreciate their dedication as well.

As a side note, I left my career and have gone back to college for social work in the pursuit of the clinical social work field to work with veterans.

Thank you for helping me take control of my body and health, Dr. Stoppani. Your dedication and wealth of knowledge has transformed my life. My wife, family, and friends cannot believe my transformation!


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