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15-Minute Muscle-Building Meals

Making high-protein meals that pack on muscle and fit your macros is simple – and fast – with these easy recipes.

15 Minute Muscle Building Meals

You don't need to spend hours in the kitchen – or even half an hour – to prepare and cook healthy, delicious high-protein meals. The below five recipes, courtesy of JYM Army member Marcell Enoch, are proof of this. All of them can be prepared in 15 minute or less. 

Marcell loves both training and cooking, and since joining the JYM Army in 2018, he's learned a ton about nutrition. Not suprisingly, this increased knowledge has helped his training and culinary skills alike.

"Ever since high school, my passion has always been working out and cooking," says Marcell. "My diet hasn’t always been the best, which is never good when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. I learned over the years of training that nutrition was the most important factor for reaching my fitness goals, and that I couldn’t out train a bad diet. I started tracking my macros once I realized the importance of good nutrition. I learned that if I got creative with my cooking, I could still eat the foods that I enjoy and hit my macros. I enjoy sharing the recipes I create with everyone whose working toward a fitness goal, because I know eating the same bland meal every day is not fun. Most people give up on their fitness goals because they don’t like the idea of giving up the foods that they enjoy."

Marcell's 15-minute recipes should take of that problem. All taste amazing, are macro-friendly for anyone looking to build lean muscle, and can be fixed at a variety of meal times – the low-fat cheeseburger, chicken supreme pizza, and chicken fajitas for lunch or dinner, and the chocolate chip protein pancakes and chocolate chip protein oatmeal for breakfast or a snack. Or, have the pancakes for dinner if you like!

Follow Marcell on Instagram (@MarcellEnoch) and let him know what you think of his recipes. Also, let the JYM Army know how you're liking the meals on the group Facebook page

And remember, eating healthy should never be boring, and fixing great meals doesn't have to be time consuming. If you've got 15 minutes to spare, give these meals a try. 


Low-Fat Cheeseburger


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