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Sara Mega

This former dancer is taking on all challenges and gaining strength and confidence in the process

Sara Mega

Written by Sara Mega

When I set out on my fitness journey, my goals were to lose fat and gain muscle. But I also wanted to become comfortable in my own skin again.

I danced for 12 years, almost 24 hours a week, then stopped and started working at a call center — a very sedentary job. I wanted activity back in my life.

Within 6 weeks, I lost around 8 pounds. Even though that may not seem like a large amount of weight to lose with the work that I put into this transformation, I know I lost a lot of fat and gained a decent amount of muscle. I could see my strength increasing with my lifting (I never really lifted before), going from a reverse bench using the 45-pound bar to being able to go to about 60 pounds, a feat that impressed my gym rat husband!

Training Programs + Proper Nutrition + Supplements = Success

I achieved these results by doing the Super-Man program during the New Year’s Challenge, which I completed with my husband while integrating one to two Tabatas before or after my workout.

On days when I wasn’t in the gym due not having my gym partner, I would go climbing at my local rock-climbing gym and do some Tabatas there as well. In my climbing, I noticed a dramatic change. My grip strength was better and I was using my arms and not just my legs anymore.

For those who indoor climb, before starting the challenge, I was completing routes with a level 8-9.5;

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